Soap & Dispenser

HomElectrical offers a large collection of bar soaps, liquid soaps, foam soap, powdered soap, and pumice soap, as well as its respective dispenser. The soap and dispenser category at HomElectrical has everything you need for your home or office space.
Shop HomElectrical for liquid soap dispensers available in touch-free options to help eliminate the spread of germs.
Use pumice bar soaps to remove tough debris, like grease and adhesive, with solutions from HomElectrical.
Shop for economical liquid soap when handwashing to eliminate germs and debris with names including Boardwalk, Dial, and GOJO.

Liquid Antibacterial Soap

HomElectrical’s selection of liquid antibacterial soap features trusted names like Dial and GOJO to supply clean handwashing solutions for bathrooms and sinks.

Heavy-Duty Soap

Shop for heavy-duty soap containing micro-abrasives to scrub hands free of stubborn dirt, grease, or grime.

Heavy-Duty Dispenser

Use heavy-duty dispensers for heavy-duty soap solutions for use in businesses like warehouses, car maintenance shops, banking, and more.

Foam Soap Dispenser

HomElectrical carries both push button or motion sense activated foam soap dispensers suitable for handwashing stations or bathrooms.

Foam Soap

Reduce water usage with foam soap, which quickly creates a lather ideal for handwashing stations or bathrooms.

Bar Soap

For a cost-effective, antibacterial hand cleaner purchase bar soap from brands like Boardwalk, Dial, Dove, and more.
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What is the difference between a Foam Soap dispenser, a Heavy-Duty dispenser, and a liquid soap dispenser?

  • Foam soap dispensers dispense foam in a pre-lathered form. This is best for quick handwashing to reduce the time spent building up a strong lather.
  • Heavy Duty dispensers are designed for use with heavy-duty soap solutions, like those that contain small particles of pumice and other scrubbing assistants.
  • Liquid soap dispensers dispense soap in it’s liquid form, allowing users to build up their own lather. This scrubbing has been tested to leave the user’s hands cleaner than foam dispensers.

Why should I choose pumice soaps over regular soaps?

Pumice grit in the soap acts as a natural abrasive, which powers away dirt, grease, and grime. Pumice soap also prevents the buildup of callouses on the hands. However, this type of soap can be too much for people with sensitive skin.

When should I use bar soap over liquid soap?

Bar soap is more eco-friendly, cheaper, and contain fewer chemicals than liquid soap, but is usually not used in public restrooms.Liquid soap is much more commonly used in public restrooms since it remains mounted to the wall, and remains entirely self-contained.
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