Mop, Broom & Brush

When looking for a mop, broom & brush, shopping at HomElectrical is the best way to get the quality products you are searching for in your home or business. We offer mop heads, whisk brooms, and brushes for all your cleaning applications. Shop HomElectrical for your mop, broom and brush needs.
HomElectrical’s handle and brace selection includes replacement handles and brush heads for cost saving cleaning equipment.
HomElectrical carries a wide selection of mops and equipment to keep floors clean and sanitary.
Find the right broom for the job with HomElectrical’s wide selection of brooms capable of cleaning up any mess.


Shop HomElectrical for brushes available in either hard or soft bristles capable of tackling any task you may need to accomplish.

Dust Pan

Gather swept debris with a dustpan from HomElectrical’s selection of cleaning tools.


Remove dust and keep spaces clean with a duster available in feather, Swiffer, or microfiber options.
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