HomElectrical has a vast selection of sponges that are manufactured by well known brands at great costs. Find Brillo Pads, Magic Erasers, sponges with scrubbers on one side. Find the right sponge for your cleaning application with HomElectrical.

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When should I use a sponge and when should I use steel wool?

  • Sponges are used for cleaning surfaces with soap and water or when you don't want to scratch the surface on an object.
  • Steel wool is useful as an abrasive to buf away excess material from work surfaces. It also provides a myriad of other odd-job household uses from mouse deterrent to shoe mark removal.

What are Mr. Clean Magic Erasers made from?

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are made from something called Melamine foam, which, with a little bit of water, can destroy even the toughest stains.
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