Trash Can

A trash can is a must for any space. HomElectrical has a great selection of waste containers for indoor and outdoor use. They are available in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes to suit your space perfectly. Shop HomElectrical for our selection of trash can products today.
Shop for indoor containers and tops including wastebaskets, plastic containers, step-on containers designed to contain smaller amounts of personal trash.
Shop for visually appealing trash cans featuring metal containers which provide durability and resistance to stains.
HomElectrical’s smoking management selection includes smoking receptacles and smoker stations to reduce the spread of ash and safely dispose of cigarettes.

Outdoor Container & Top

Shop outdoor containers and tops for hooded top and recycling containers to keep waste in its place and keep the outdoors looking clean.

Brute Containers & Lid

HomElectrical carries durable, ergonomic Brute containers and lids available in different sizes and colors.

Brute Trash Receptacles Accessory

Add functionality to your Brute products with Brute trash receptacles accessories sold at low prices offered by HomElectrical.

Where should I put a trash can?

Make sure you have trash cans in common areas, bathrooms, offices, and working areas. If you're installing trash cans in a bigger area, make sure they're in areas where people might have waste. Areas next to food stands, high traffic areas, and areas next to bathrooms are also great locations for trash cans.

What makes indoor trash cans different from outdoor ones?

Outdoor trash cans are usually more rugged than indoor cans, and can be bolted into the ground. This prevents the weather, animals, and people from messing with the can. Indoor cans are usually a little smaller, and can be used as personal trash areas.
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