Floor & Carpet Care

Floor and carpet care should always be at the top of your maintenance list in your own home or while running a business. Whether you need to clean a concrete floor, carpet, or rugs and mats, HomElectrical has a variety of tools and appliances that can keep your floor and carpet looking clean at all times. Be sure to browse through our entire floor and carpet care category to get affordable, quality products that will suit your specific floor needs.
Find the right vacuum cleaner for the job when you shop HomElectrical’s selection featuring a variety of vacuum cleaners suitable for residential, commercial, or industrial use.
Protect the lifespan of floors or improve grip with HomElectrical’s floor mat selection of bath, indoor, outdoor, and safety mats.
Shop HomElectrical’s selection of floor pads suitable for buffing, polishing, or sanding floors available in different sizes and materials to suit your needs.

Floor Machine

Find the right floor machine to help maintain your floors with HomElectrical’s selection of extractors, burnishers, and accessories.

Air Mover

Dry, cool, or remove fumes faster using an air mover, suitable for construction or renovation projects.
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Bee Line Abrasives

What is an air mover?

Professional grade and commercial air movers help speed up evaporation and decrease drying times of paints, and other wet surfaces.

What does a floor machine do?

Commercial floor machines are used to scrub large floor areas. This cleaning equipment can be equipped with scrubbers, buffers, and polishers to ensure that your floors remain clean.

What are floor pads used for?

Floor pads are used to clean and remove dirt from wood, carpet, tile, concrete, and other surfaces. They can be equipped with floor machines to scrub, buff, and polish floors.

What are floor mats used for?

Floor mats are used to help resist water, dirt, debris, dust, and other materials that can be tracked indoors. Made from materials like vinyl, rubber, and other textile materials, they may feature grooves to help capture foreign materials that could cause slips and falls in the workplace.
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