Vacuum Cleaner

When cleaning the carpet, a high quality vacuum cleaner is imperative to get rid of debris or dust. HomElectrical has many different vacuum cleaners priced competitively for your convenience. Shop HomElectrical for all your floor and carpet care products such as floor machines, floor pads, floor mats, and more.
When your vacuum accessories need replacing, shop HomElectrical’s selection of vacuum bags, belts, and filters to help you clean up.
For jobs requiring specific needs, shop HomElectrical for a specialty vacuum cleaner to fit your cleaning requirements.
Find the right upright vacuum cleaner you need to clean carpet and other flooring in residential or commercial locations.


For a quiet carpet cleaning solution, choose from HomElectrical’s collection of sweepers to remove dirt and dust from floors.

Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

Conveniently for commercial and residential use

Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Tackle large messes with wet and dry vacuum cleaners capable of vacuuming up large amounts of standing water.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Shop for a canister vacuum cleaner for better suction and flow-rate, ideal for quicker cleaning with a flexible hose for hard-to-reach areas.
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What is the best vacuum for commercial use?

When cleaning the carpet, a high quality vacuum cleaner is imperative to get rid of debris or dust. We offer a variety of different types of commercial vacuum cleaners including:
  • backpack vacuum cleaners
  • canister vacuum cleaners
  • specialty vacuum cleaners
  • sweepers
  • upright vacuum cleaners
  • wet & dry vacuum cleaners

What are the advantages of a vacuum cleaner?

Commercial vacuum cleaners are ideal for large floor areas, and can help you save time and energy in getting rid of debris, dirt, and dust from floor surfaces. Some more advantages of vacuum cleaners are:
  • removes allergen particles from the air
  • removes pet hair
  • saves time/energy
  • easy to use, and can be used on multiple floor surfaces

Can you use a vacuum cleaner on tile?

Yes. You should regularly sweep, mop, and vacuum tile or linoleum floors.
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