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HomElectrical conveniently carries your vacuum cleaner accessories and replacement parts needs such as vacuum bags, belts, and filters. If your vacuum cleaner requires a HEPA vacuum bag, we have a great selection of them. We stock most of well-known brands such as Hoover, Eureka, and more. Shop at for great and affordable prices.

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How do vacuum cleaner bags work?

Vacuum cleaner bags act as a filter to extract, dirt, dust, and debris from surfaces. They are generally made form cloth or paper materials.

How often do you need to change a HEPA filter?

You should change out your vacuum filter every 6 months. In doing so, you can insure that your vacuum cleaner works as designed, without any malfunctions.

What is the life of a HEPA filter?

The life of your filter depends of the frequency of usage. A typical HEPA filter can last up to 5 to 10 years.

Which is better bag or bagless vacuum cleaners?

Vacuum cleaners that are equipped with bags can hold more dirt, and will indicate when it is time to be emptied or replaced. Bagless vacuum cleaners can save you money without the need to purchase dust bags regularly, but the filters generally need to be cleaned and replaced more often.
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