Floor Machine

Take care of your hardwood floors with a floor machine from HomElectrical. We carry everything from burnishers and burnisher accessories to extractors to keep your floors scuff and stain free. Shop at HomElectrical for competitive and affordable prices.
Shop for a burnisher floor machine to maintain hard surface floors with the polish or wax.
Clean carpets, rugs, or upholstery with extractors which utilize water and cleaning solution to extract dirt deep within fibers.
Whether removing scuff marks or refinishing hard surface floors shop for burnisher accessories available in various abrasive pads.
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Mercury Floor Machines
Reckitt Benckiser

What is a floor burnisher used for?

Floor burnishes help polish a floor, and are generally used when you want to cover large areas at a time.

What does a floor machine do?

Commercial floor machines are used to scrub large floor areas. This cleaning equipment can be equipped with scrubbers, buffers, and polishers to ensure that your floors look shiny and finished.

What is the use of a floor buffer?

Floor buffers are electrical cleaning tools used to maintain hardwood floors, tile, and other carpet-free surfaces. Floor polishers, burnishers, and buffers help shine floors to a glossy finish.
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