Burnisher Accessory

Restock your burnisher accessory supplies at HomElectrical for an affordable price. HomElectrical offers floor pads in many different sizes and grains for different purposes. Whether you are removing scuff marks off the floor or refinishing the surface of the flooring, know that you can find burnisher replacement parts at HomElectrical for a competitive price.

How do you clean polishing pads?

After frequent use, burnisher pads can be cleaned with a stiff brush under warm running water.

What color buffing pads to use?

Generally speaking, buffing pads can be used for both low speed, high speed, and ultra-high speed floor machines. When using floor pads, you should move in sequence from light to dark colored pads.
  • The lightest = least coarse
  • The darkest = most course
Buffing pads will be the lightest color and the least coarse to help polish and remove marks on the floors for a shiny finish.
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