Floor Pad

Find a full selection of floor pads at HomElectrical. Our selection of floor pads offers a variety of sizes and textures are ideal for everything from polishing and buffing to sanding down floors. Maintain your floors with competitively priced floor pads at HomElectrical.
To clean tough messes, use utility pads and holders with varying abrasiveness fit to scrub away any type of stain.
For rotary floor machines with high RPMs, use ultra high-speed pads suitable to tackle different jobs for different types of flooring.
HomElectrical’s floor pad selection includes steel wool pads ideal for removing paint or buffing wood floors.

Standard Pad

$38.51Case of 20
To outfit your buffing machine, shop standard pads available in different coarseness to suit different needs for flooring.

Low Speed Pad

Shop HomElectrical’s selection of floor pads including low speed pads perfect for buffing floors.

Carpet Bonnet

Place a carpet bonnet on a rotary buffing machine to clean commercial carpets with cleaning solutions.
Red Devil
Bee Line Abrasives

What are floor pads used for?

Floor pads are used to clean and remove dirt from wood, carpet, tile, concrete, and other surfaces. They can be equipped with floor machines to scrub, buff, and polish floors.

What is a scrubbing pad?

Scrubbing pads are made from coarse fibers, and are used to scrub hard to clean areas on non carpeted floor surfaces. Floor pads can be equipped to floor machines to help scrub, clean, burnish, and polish floors,

What color buffing pads to use?

A rule of thumb when using colored floor pads, is to use them from dark to light. The lightest floor pad will be the least coarse, and is great for buffing and polishing floors. Darker colored pads, like blue and black, are more coarse and should be used first to scrub and lift up dirt and debris from the floors.
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