Low Speed Pad

HomElectrical carries an array of low speed floor pads for you to use with your floor machine. These pads are ideal for buffing floors in a gyms, warehouses, or even a grocery stores. Shop at HomElectrical for great quality at an affordable prices.

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How do you buff floors?

Floor pads must match the speed of your machine that you are using. Because not every pad is for every machine, you must consider the speed of the machine the level of coarseness of the floor pad. Not doing so could cause over buffing, and cause your floor pads to wear out prematurely.

What is a stripping pad?

Stripping pads are made from coarse fibers in order remove paint, and other chemicals for floor surfaces.

What color buffing pads to use?

Low speed pads are meant for low-duty applications that don't require the abrasive removal of paints, dirt, and other materials. They normally come in six colors with a variety of coarseness and uses.
  • pink/white: These floor pads are the softest of the low speed pads, and can be used on any surface. In order to maintain the lifespan of these low speed pads, it is not recommended to use on textured surfaces like concrete.
  • red/tan: These low speed pads are slightly more abrasive, and can be used for general buffing purposes. They can used for easy buffing and polishing, but are not intended for stripping floors.
  • green/blue: These floor pads are the most coarse out of all of the low speed pads, and are intended for removing the top surface of floors, for a more finished look.
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