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Shop HomElectrical for King Innovation hand tools. King Innovation offers a wide selection of cutting & stripping tools: wire cutters, wire strippers, pipe cutters, hacksaws, and more. Buy your King Innovation hand tools at HomElectrical today and receive free shipping!

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What is the difference between the Poly/PVC Pipe Cutter and the PVC Pipe Cable Saw?

The offered Pipe Cutters are used to cut up to 2" of pipe quickly and effectively, but the Cable Saw is used for rapid cutting and has a 36-inch cable. The Cable Saw is also effective for cutting more awkward places and is more efficient than a traditional cutting tool.

Do you sell replacement blades for Pipe Cutters?

Yes, we sell replacement blades for both the 46310 Ratchet Pipe Cutter and the 46320 Ratchet Pipe Cutter.
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