Gorilla Nut Wire Connectors

King Innovation has revolutionized the wire nut connector industry with its Gorilla Nut Connectors. Compared to its wire nut competitors, King Innovation Gorilla Nuts have earned first place in five (5) categories with the United States Ergonomics organization. This wire nut connector not only provides a secure connection with its Sharp Wire Technology™ (SWT,) but it also takes into consideration the comfort of the electrician's hands by featuring a soft over molded exterior. Additionally, the Gorilla Nuts WorkSkirt technology provides protection to over-stripped wires and allows connectors to better contract and fit tight spaces.

What size wires do Gorilla Nut Wire Connectors work with?

Gorilla Nut Wire Connectors work with a wide range of wire sizes, from a minimum size of 4 #14 to a maximum size of 2 #6. Gorilla Nut Wire Connectors only work with copper/copper wires.
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