King Innovation Storage

King Innovation has a variety of different storage bins and other organizing products including yellow storage organizer buckets, dividers, and lids for 5-gallon buckets. We also have King Innovation storage totes. Browse our collection of storage accessories to find which accessory will be easiest for you to use from HomElectrical.

How many items can I fit in a 20-gallon tote?

That will vary based upon the items you'll be putting inside. Are you storing basketballs, tools, coveralls, or shoes? A 20-gallon tote will generally give you a little over 2.5 cubic feet of space.

How many sections do the dividers provide?

Dividers fit nicely into the bucket to provide you with four sections to neatly coordinate your pipe fittings or connectors and avoid intermixing styles and sizes.

What can I store in a 5 gallon bucket?

King Innovation's thick, durable buckets can withstand just about anything you'll need to store or use—nails, hot water, sand, leather, salt, etc.
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