AlumiConn Aluminum to Copper Lug

King Innovation develops, designs, and manufactures a variety of products counting: lighting, electrical, irrigation and more. They pride themselves on developing tools and equipment that is both reliable and durable for their consumers. Explore our selection of King Innovation products at HomElectrical for your applications including: construction, electrical, engineering, plumbing, and more.

What is a King Innovation Alumiconn made out of?

Lugs from King Innovation are designed to create an easy installation for aluminum and copper wire splices. It is a tin plated lug with nickel screws and dielectric silicone inhibitor to reduce to the corrosion of the connection. The alumiconn provides 2 to 3 ports that will eliminate the possibility of the conductors becoming intermixed and creating a safer connection as well.

What are King Innovation Alumiconn Lugs used for?

King Innovation lugs are used for the wire splicing of aluminum and copper wires. They can be spliced aluminum to aluminum, copper to copper, or copper to aluminum. These wire lugs can be used for an array of applications counting:

  • Construction
  • Electrical
  • Engineering and more
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