King Innovation Wire Fitting

King Innovation Wire Fitting has a variety of products ranging from low voltage landscape lighting packs, heat shrink crimps, wing connectors, nut connectors, and more! King Innovation is recognized as the industry leader in the manufacturing of electrical wire nut connectors and irrigation products. King Innovation has perfected the wire nut connector and is continually refining and improving their brand and is committed to sustainability

What is a heat shrink crimp?

A heat shrink crimp is a butt connector that is used to latch, connect, or terminate a single wire. These products are often used on cars, boats, and other objects that require a wire to transfer electrical currents. It is also as an adhesive-lined and comes in a variety of colors so that the user will be able to color-code their work to the industry standard wire range.

What are the benefits of using wire connectors?

Wire connectors are extremely beneficial to electricians and any other user who comes into contact with wires. Wire connectors are UL listed fasteners used for making a tight low impedance connection between wires, either 2 or more, inside of an electrical box. Wire connectors are made from flame-retardant materials that help prevent the wires the connector is holding to catch aflame. It also prevents the wires from latching onto other exposed wires or metal surfaces, which could be hazardous or cause a short circuit.
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