DryConn Waterproof Wire Connectors

King Innovation provides a tight waterproof seal and secure wire connection with its DryConn waterproof wire connectors. Avoid failing your electrical wiring inspection and use a DryConn waterproof connector to all your wiring projects at wet and damped location. HomElectrical offers a wide selection of DryConn waterproof wire nut connectors for your convenience!

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$41.23Pack of 25
$655.47Pack of 1,500
$1,304.77Pack of 1,500
$3,518.27Pack of 6,000
$36.13Pack of 5
$21.46Pack of 25

Where would I use DryConn waterproof wire connectors?

Dryconn waterproof wire connectors are completely water and corrosion resistant. These UL Listed wire connectors are the perfect choice for making electrical connections in areas that are exposed to wet or damp locations. They are ideal for outdoor applications, such as:

  • Garage power outlets
  • Doorbells
  • Bathroom vents
  • Patio/Deck lighting
  • Outdoor electrical outlets

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