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What is a Key Lock Box used for?

This type of box is commonly mounted on the wall and is used for protecting keys, access cards, and more. It usually has a combination lid that will either use the alphabet or a numerical series. The box may also have a push or bracket lever requiring you to push or twist to properly unlock it. Portable key lock boxes are going to have a hanging shackle for easier transportation. And depending on how much security you want, these boxes can be hooked up to an alarm system to notify you when someone attempts to tamper with it.

What are Valve Lockout Devices?

A valve lockout device prevents the operation of gate valves. Gate valve lockouts are in a cylindrical shape that covers the handle and can be locked with a padlock. It is commonly used during maintenance and repair. Ball valve lockouts are going to be shaped differently but are used in the exact same way as a gate valve.

What is a Breaker Lockout Device used for?

This type of device is capable of being attached to a circuit breaker and holding one padlock to prevent others from messing with the circuit switches.

What are Group Lockout Boxes?

A group lockout box is very similar to a lock hasp in that it can hold multiple padlocks giving you greater security. The only big difference is that this comes in the form of a box so that small or large items can be kept safe.

What is a Lock Hasp?

Lock Hasps can hold multiple locks from different owners giving it greater security. This makes it more difficult for an intruder to enter without having all of the keys for each individual padlock.

What is an Adjustable Locking Cable?

  • Also known as a python lock
  • The diameter of the cable can be adjusted
  • Used for anything from bikes to trailers
  • Requires a key to unlock

What is a Keyless Lock?

The name gives it away pretty well in that it is a lock that doesn’t require a key to open. Like a combination lock, this lock opens through a sequence of numbers. Keyless locks allow you to choose the series of numbers for the combination instead of just giving them to you.

What is a Tubular Lock?

Tubular locks are also known as circle pin tumbler lock, radial lock, or Ace lock. It is made by putting a number of pin locks in a circular pattern giving the key a tube like shape.

What is a Combination Lock?

A combination lock is commonly used for gym and student lockers to prevent theft. Unlike a padlock these require a series of numbers or a combination in order for the lock to open.

What is a Tumbler Padlock?

  • Usually made from steel or brass
  • Requires a key to unlock
  • Dual locking lever to give extra pry resistance
  • Pins are used to help prevent picking

What is a Padlock?

A padlock is a portable lock with a shackle that can be passed through an opening like in a chain link. They are used to prevent theft, vandalism, or harm from occurring to your possessions.

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