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Find the two-way radios that are ideal for clear communication on your construction site. HomElectrical's selection of radios features products that can reach up to 20 miles and operate up to 22 hours long. Shop our selection of high quality radios today!

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Do the two-way radios come with a microphone?

The microphone that comes with a majority of these is a boom mic which requires that it be right next to your mouth to transmit a clear voice. Two wire palm mics are attached to a sleeve on your shirt, and the lapel mic is located normally on your chest.

What are the different type of two-way radio headphones used for?

C and D-Rings are going to have an ear piece that fits around your ear and is shaped like a ‘C’ or ‘D’ so that it won’t easily fall out. Noise reduction headphones are perfect for loud work spaces like construction sites. The ear muff headset is great for those who are constantly multi-tasking. They will allow you to have one ear open to hear what is happening near you.

How does a Two Way Radio Antenna work?

The antenna is essential for the radio as it is able to receive and transmit radio signals. They can be either UHF or VHF radios.

What is VHF?

VHF stands for very high frequency. This frequency operates between 30 MHz and 300 MHz and it’s typically used for FM radio, two-way radios, and television broadcasts.

What is UHF?

UHF stands for ultra high frequency. This frequency operates between 300 MHz and 3000 MHz and is typically used for GPS, bluetooth, and wifi.

What is the communication range for a Two-Way Radio?

These two-way radios can reach up to 20 miles.

When would I use a Two-Way Radio?

Two-way radios are typically used for communication in construction sites, security details, hotels, and in other industrial applications.

What is a Two-Way Radio used for?

A two-way radio is an electronic device that can both transmit and receive a radio signal. They are great for conversations with multiple people, who have a similar device and are using the same radio frequency.

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