Plumbing Supply

Don’t wait until you need a plunger to get one. HomElectrical, the electrical supply store, has a variety of tools in its plumbing supply section. We carry everything you need to tackle all of your plumbing supply needs. Browse through our selection today!

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Clean out clogs in plumbing with HomElectrical’s selection of drain augers suitable for residential or commercial applications.
Keep your fuel clean with a fuel filter, also known as a fuel strainer, to maintain maximum operational efficiency.
For fluid system products shop HomElectrical’s fuel and oil pump collection to find the right piece you need for your project.

What are Plumbing Supplies used for?

Our selection includes drain augers, fuel and oil pumps, and fuel filters and strainers.

  • Drain augers - a coiled metal wire with a broad gap between the coils that is used to clean out clogs in plumbing, specifically sinks and drains.
  • Fuel and oil pumps - essential components for an internal combustion engine because they are used to pump fuel from the fuel tank to the engine.
  • Fuel filters - ideal for plumbing maintenance. They are used in combustion engines to filter out dirt and rust particles to prevent clogs.
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