Welding Supply

In dangerous environments, it is very important for welders to have quality welding supply tools and accessories. Welding can be used in a variety of applications including: construction, engineering, automobile, and others. Our collection of welding supplies includes: welding helmets, ferrules, TIG welding supplies, and more. These supplies will help not only help keep the welder properly protected but also make sure that their welding project turns out the way they want it to. Discover our selection of welding supplies for great functionality and accuracy at HomElectrical today!
Shop TIG welding supplies for gas tungsten arc welding projects involving stainless steel, copper, or aluminum.
Prevent spatter bb’s from sticking to your workstation with HomElectrical’s anti-spatter chemical selection.
Outfit your welding kit with the right barbed hose fittings to suit your welding project needs.

Welding Cable Hose

Outfit your welding machine with an appropriate welding cable hose to connect electrodes and conduct metal work.

Gas Arc Nut

HomElectrical’s welding supply includes durable, corrosion resistant gas arc nuts to create semi-permanent connections in welding tools to suit your needs.

MIG Welding Supply

Find the supplies you need for MIG welding, including MIG welding liners, air cooled MIG gun, nozzles, welding ground clamps, and much more.

Welding Helmet

Ensure eye, face, and neck protection when welding by using a welding helmet to provide safety in dangerous work conditions.

Welding Screen

Outfit welding stations with welding screens to provide safe spark containment within work sites.

Spark Lighter

Safely start flames during welding with spark lighters featuring a multi-spark discharge capable of igniting all fuel phases.

Flashback Arrestor

Keep your welding workspaces safe with flashback arrestor safety devices to help prevent damage, explosions, or backfires.

Rod Guard Cannister

Safely store rods and electrodes with HomElectrical’s selection of rod guard cannisters available in different sizes and capable of protecting against high temperatures, moisture, and dirt.

Plasma Cutter Parts

Ensure your plasma cutter works at optimum efficiency by finding the right plasma cutter parts at HomElectrical.

Welding Ferrules

Use welding ferrules to attach hose barbs to hoses semi-permanently or permanently during the welding process.

Welding Tip Cleaner Kit

Shop HomElectrical for welding tip cleaner kits to remove grime and carbon buildup on welding tools.
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What are Welding Supplies used for?

Welders have an extremely dangerous job working with torching metals on a daily basis. We carry a huge selection of welding supply tools and accessories to make their job safer and easier. Our quality welding supply tools include welders, welding torch kits, welding safety, welding helmets, welding gloves and more. Working in all the fields like construction, engineering, automobile, or aerospace field, a welder needs durable tools to work in their field.

What are the tools used in welding?

The welding supplies needed for a welder can vary on the application and include:

  • Anti-Spatter Chemical
  • Barbed Hose Fittings
  • Flashback Arrestors
  • Gas Arc Nut
  • MIG Welding Supply
  • Plasma Cutter Parts
  • Rod Guard Canister
  • Spark Lighter
  • TIG Welding Supplies
  • Welding Cable Hose
  • Welding Ferrules
  • Welding Helmet
  • Welding Tip Cleaner Kit
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