Flashback Arrestor

Go into any welding or cutting project with the proper safety devices. A flashback arrestor or flash arrestor is a special gas safety device that is most commonly used in welding situations. This safety device prevents the user and equipment from damages, explosions, backfires, and more. Discover our collection of flashback arrestors so you can stay safe during the welding process at HomElectrical.

What is the use of a Flashback Arrestor?

A flashback arrestor, also known as a flash arrestor, is a special gas safety device that is used to stop the flame.

  • Reverses the flow of gas back into the equipment.
  • Reverses the flow of gas into the supply line in oxy-fuel welding and cutting applications.
  • It prevents both explosions and damage to the user and equipment.
  • Flash arrestors come in various styles and sizes and feature internal check valves, color coding, and durability.

What is backfire in gas welding?

Backfire is when the flame goes into the nozzle or torch with a hard popping sound. Once the flame has entered into the nozzle it will keep burning inside causing a hissing or whistling sound. To avoid this regulators should be set at the right pressure and a light has been applied before a fuel flow is made.

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