Welding Tip Cleaner Kit

Keep welding tips free from dirt and debris by using welding tip cleaner kit products from HomElectrical. Welding tip cleaner kits contain files that fit precisely into the tip to gently remove grime and the buildup of carbon to create a smooth and polished surface. These welding tip cleaner kits are also essential for cleaning out the holes on the welding torch where carbon can gather and affect the flame. Keep your welding tips working for a longer time with a higher performance by maintaining the tip with kits from HomElectrical.

When to use a Torch Tip Cleaner?

Keep your welding tips maintained and in proper condition by using a welding tip cleaning kit. A torch tip cleaner is made to clean out the carbon that can gather in the tip. Problems can occur if the welding tip is not cleaned properly.
  • Welding tip cleaners are designed to enter the welding tip smoothly and without scratching or damaging the gun.
  • Uniform ridges on the cleaner wipes and polishes the welding tips walls and remove any buildup that would cause the tip to clog.
  • Welding tip cleaner kits come in a variety of size groups to fit the specific welding tip ranging from 6-45.

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