Power Tool Accessories

Perform a variety of tasks on the job or at home and choose from our large selection of power tool accessories for your power tools. You will find the top brands and easy to use power tool accessories at wholesale prices. Only at HomElectrical, the electrical supply store, allowing you to expand your toolbox.
For jobs requiring specific power tools, shop for specialty power tool accessories to outfit tools to suit your needs.
Outfit your power drill set with a variety of drill bits to create different holes in different materials to suit your needs on your next project.
Create holes in different materials with hole saws suitable for construction projects.

Power Tool Battery & Charger

Keep your power tools in action longer when you purchase additional power tool batteries and chargers to complement your toolbox.

Saw Blade

Find or replace the right saw blade you need for the job with HomElectrical’s selection of power tool accessories.

Screwdriving Insert Bit

Shop HomElectrical for screwdriving insert bits capable of working with cordless screwdrivers or power drills.

Polishing Kit

Put the finishing touches on projects with a polishing kit from HomElectrical with sets featuring different materials to accomplish different tasks.

Drill Attachment

Outfit your power drill with drill attachments and drill chucks from HomElectrical to prepare for your next project.


For screw and nut installation or removal, purchase a nutsetter capable of working with different types of fasteners.

Auger & Spade

Shop HomElectrical’s power tool accessories for augers and spades capable of drilling deep or large holes in a variety of materials.
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Bosch Power Tools

Which Power Tool Accessories Should I Own?

Check out the list that we have provided for you below and start finding the power tool accessories that you need.

1. Drill Bits – drill bits are used for creating different sized holes and can determine how smooth it goes through an objects. Just a few of the bits that we carry include: metal drill bit, countersink drill bit, brad point drill bit, and more.

2. Hole Saw – these are a hollow circle with sharp teeth on the edge of it. They usually used to cut a big holes in tough materials. We have a variety of hole saws that can be used on tile, wood, metal, and more.

3. Saw Blade – these blades can cut through a variety of materials but it is best to know what that material is going to be before you choose one. The amount of teeth on the blade can vary depending on what type of cut you are looking to achieve.

4. Screwdriving Insert Bit – screwdriving insert bits are designed to remove or tighten a multitude of fasteners. We carry a variety of bits from slot bits to torx bits to meet all of your screwdriving needs.

5. Specialty Power Tool Accessories – these accessories are made up of any extra equipment that you might need while you are using a power tool. This can range from eye shields to clamp and locking nuts.

More Information on Power Tool & Accessories

Whether you are drilling a screw in the wall to mount your television or sawing down wood to build a house, a set power tool accessories allows you to quickly and easily finish the job. Get the industries best power tool accessories for your upcoming projects or jobs. At HomElectrical, you will find power saws, power sanders, cordless drills/drivers and more made durable from some on the leading industry brands.

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