Screwdriving Insert Bit

Do you have a fastener that you are not able to find the right screwdriver head for? Get a Screwdriving insert bit that is used with cordless screwdrivers and drills to easily drive screws. HomElectrical carries a full selection of these bits with varying tip types, sizes, and lengths. Find the screwdriver bit that's right for your application with HomElectrical today!

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What is the difference between Hex and Torx Bits?

  • Hex bits are shaped like a hexagon with 6 sides.
  • Torx bits are mostly used in electronics and are shaped like a star.

What are Square Bits used for?

Square bits, with a square shape, are becoming more popular because they do not slip out and damage the screw very easily.

What is the difference between a Phillips and a Pozidriv?

  • Phillips bits are cross shaped and are the most often used bit.
  • Pozidriv bits are shaped like a Phillips head bit but have 4 more contact points. These type of bits are rarely seen in the US.

What are Slot Bits used for?

Slot bits are flat headed and are generally used for round, oval, and round fasteners.

What are Screwdriver Insert Bits used for?

Screwdriver insert bits are drill bits featuring a screwdriving tip. These can be used with power tools or cordless screwdrivers to drive in screws or other fasteners. The bits feature a compact design and can easily be changed out. There are also screwdriver insert bit sets coming with 21-37 different bits.

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