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What are Tile and Glass Drill Bits used for?

Tile and glass bits look like a tiny spear and are able to cut through glass and tile.

What are Countersink Drill Bits used for?

Countersink bits are known for their ability to cut a space for fasteners and are perfect for preventing wood from cracking while you drill.

What are Masonry Drill Bits used for?

Masonry drill bits, as the name suggests, is mostly used for masonry or stone work. The tip is usually given a hardened coating to create a tougher bit.

What are Metal Drill Bits used for?

Metal drill bits, commonly referred to as high speed steel bits, are recognizable by their dark black color. They are usually used for metalwork and will last longer if they are only applied to metal, but they can be used on plastic and wood as well.

What are Paddle Drill Bits used for?

Wood spade or paddle bits look like a flat headed screwdriver but has a fine sharp point at its tip. The paddle shaped blade allows it to cut wide holes.

What are Auger Drill Bits used for?

Auger drill bits have a circling shaft and a threaded point. These are usually used to cut large and deep holes.

What are Dowel Drill Bits used for?

Brad point bits, also known as dowel bits, are wood drill bits that have a small point at their tip. Spurs on each side make it easy for you to make a clean and straight cut.

What are Drill Bits used for?

Drill bits are cutting tools that are used with drills to create holes in various materials. They come in many different sizes and are usually connected to a drill, which rotates them and provides torque and axial force to create the hole. Drill bits feature a spiral, pointed angle, lip angle, and length.

  • The spiral is used to keep holes from clogging.
  • The pointed angle is used to control wandering, chatter, hole shape, and wear rate.
  • The lip angle determines the amount of support provided to the cutting edge.
  • The length determines how deep a hole can be drilled.

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