Specialty Power Tool Accessories

Do you need another type of drill bit or backing pad? Specialty power tool accessories from HomElectrical are a collection of products that are sure to meet any miscellaneous need for your power tools. This category has everything from replacement pieces and pumps to eye shields. Save on every specialty power tool accessory you need to get the job done with HomElectrical.

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What are Jack Stands used for?

Jack stands are able to securely hold a pipe as proper adjustments are made or while it is moved to another place. The heads can either be v-heads or wheel heads.

  • The v-heads will have a top that is shaped like a ‘V’
  • Wheel heads will have wheels at their top 

What are Backing Pads used for?

Backing pads can secure abrasive discs on power tools causing them to perform better and create an easy disc replacement.

  • Commonly used with sanders and grinders
  • Can work up to rates of 11,000 rpm

What are Eyeshields?

This accessory makes it safer for you when using a power tool. The eyeshield is usually used with a bench grinder to protect the user from any sparks that could fly at them.

What are Clamp Nuts?

This type of nut is commonly used when there is a lot of force required for attaching objects.

  • Secures two or more mating objects
  • Mechanical fastener
  • Tighten using an adjustable wrench or ratchet

You can also use a torque wrench when you need a precise amount of clamping force to secure a mechanical connection.

How to tighten a Lock Nut?

A lock nut is also known as a locking nut, prevailing torque nut, stiff nut, and elastic stop nut. This type of nut is used when you need something that will not come undone very easily. It is able to withstand loosening when under vibrations and torque.

What is a Power Tool Accessory used for?

Specialty power tool accessories features an array of products that can assist with every specific power tool application. Whether you need to:

  • Secure your materials
  • Guard your eyes
  • Move liquids
  • Or heat things up
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