Make setting screws and nuts easy and fast. HomElectrical’s selection of nutsetters includes an assortment of the most common hex and shank sizes in order to fit most power tools and applications. Find the nut setter you need at HomElectrical.

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What is the difference between Magnetic and Non-Magnetic?

Many of our setters are designed with 1/4 inch hex shanks to fit most power tools. These will either be magnetic or non-magnetic.

  • Magnetic nutsetters - hold fasteners in place even when you are driving it straight down. It also provides easy nutrunning access in hard to reach places.
  • Non-magnetic nutsetters - are going to be more manual and won’t be as easy as a magnetic nutsetter when you are fastening.

These setters are made from durable materials such as steel and are available in many sizes ranging from 1/4-9/16 inch. 

What is a Nutsetter?

A nutsetter is a tool used to provide fast and easy screw and nut installation or removal. These tools provide a reliable grip on metal screws and other hex head fasteners and, when combined with a drill or power tool, they can quickly tighten or loosen them.

  • Lobular Design- drives in the fasteners by focusing on the sides instead of pressuring the corners to install. A lobular nutsetter allows a gap at the corners in case of paint build up and it will keep the fasteners in good shape.
  • Hex Design- this standard form uses the corners to drive in a fastener. Too much pressure on the fastener can cause corner stripping.
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