Safety Supply

Keep yourself or your employees safe with our large selection of safety supply products. Also known as personal protection equipment (PPE), these products are designed to prevent injuries from happening within the work environment and keep people safe if an emergency does arise. Our collection features: safety apparel, construction harnesses, first aid products, hard hats, and more. Explore our selection of safety supply inventory to better protect you and your employees from harm at HomElectrical.
Protect your home with a smoke detector to sound the alarm in case of a fire, with other detectors available for carbon monoxide or natural gas.
Protect your head from falling objects while on the job with a hard hat from HomElectrical’s safety supply.
Protect your eyes with HomElectrical’s collection of eye care and protection including face shields, visors, lens wipes, safety glasses, and safety goggles.

Respirator Accessories

Keep your respirator clean and protected with respirator accessories, including respirator cleaning pads, facepieces, respirator storage bags, and more.


HomElectrical’s selection of safety apparel helps prevent injury while working in hazardous environments.

First Aid Product

Shop first aid products at HomElectrical for supplies to provide care to accidents that may occur in the workplace.

Reusable Respirator

Shop HomElectrical’s reusable respirator selection to protect you from airborne chemicals, particles, or pathogens.

Ear Plug

Shop for HomElectrical hearing protection including ear plugs and earmuffs available in different styles to suit your needs.

Knee Pads

Shop HomElectrical’s selection of knee pads to keep your knees safe when kneeling on hard surfaces or working in tough environments.

Safety Tape

Warn others or cordon off an area with high-visibility safety tape from HomElectrical.

Respirator Face Mask

Stay safe with a selection of respirator face masks, including disposable, KN95, N95, and many more face mask options.

Respirator Particulate Filter & Cartridge

Find a selection of respirator particulate filter and cartridge options, including particulate filters, full facepiece cartridge and filter options, half and full facepiece cartridge and filter, and many more options for use in a variety of applications.

Disposable/Medical Cup

$105.23Case of 40
$62.60Case of 1000
HomElectrical offers disposable/medical cups to prevent the spread of germs or contamination ideal for use in doctor’s offices, hospitals, nursing homes, and offices.


Treat spills with sorbent, which adsorbs or absorbs liquid, oil, or chemicals from a variety of surfaces to allow for easier clean up.

Fire Extinguisher

Stay safe by keeping a fire extinguisher nearby, with models available in different sizes capable of putting out different types of fires.

Construction Harness

Stay safe while working at heights with a construction harness to keep you secure and prevent falls or injury.

Rubber Boots

Keep your feet and shoes dry with rubber boots suitable to keep out water in wet environments.

Commercial & Home Security Device

Keep your home safe using SMART home security devices, like home monitoring systems for alarms and security cameras.

Retractable Lifeline & Carabiner

Attach your safety harness to a retractable lifeline and carabiner to secure to an anchor, ensuring safety while working at heights.

Safety Sign

Provide warning and alert others of hazards with HomElectrical’s collection of safety signs available in easily visible colors.


HomElectrical’s coverall selection provides full body protection against contaminants, debris, and fluids in hazardous conditions.

Blood Cleanup Kit

Keep a blood cleanup kit nearby to clean, sanitize, and sterilize casualities and environments when accidents occur.

What are Safety Supplies Used For?

Our safety supply category has what you need to keep all your employees safe. A lot of our safety supply products are required by state and federal regulatory agencies, such as OSHA. Find safety apparel, blood cleanup kits, eye care protection, fire extinguishers, first aid products, and more. Safety supplies are not only for commercial use. Stock these products at home in case of any types of emergency.

When Should I Replace My Respirator Filters?

Every respirator is different. The best thing to do if you're not sure how long a filter has been being used on a specific respirator is to replace it before its next use. On the packaging of the next filter you buy, it should give you an idea of when you'll need to replace it. This time period is often measured in hours of use. For example, if you generally do 3-hour painting jobs, and the filter says it should be replaced every 30 hours of use, you would replace it after about 10 jobs. If you find yourself starting a job that lasts longer than the hours left on your filter (you can use safely use the filter for 2 more hours, but you're about to start a 3-hour job), don't take a chance on your safety! Go ahead and replace the filter.

If you ever (while wearing your respirator), feel dust when you inhale, smell the chemicals you're working around, or have trouble breathing, get out of the area and check your respirator for holes, cracks, or other damage.

Do You Offer PPE and Safety Equipment for the Home?

Depending upon where you live, just about any item from our safety equipment inventory is suitable for your home. In most cases, the following items make a good initial shopping list if you've just purchased a new home or you've never bought any safety equipment for it. Examples of where or when the item might be used are included in parentheses.
  • A fire extinguisher (kitchen, grill, fireplace)
  • A first-aid kit (bathroom, pool, backyard play area)
  • Face shields or safety goggles (mowing the lawn, chopping wood, pouring drain cleaner)
  • Fire escape ladder (upstairs bedrooms, attic, tree house)
  • Smoke detector (kitchen, patio, basement)
  • Carbon monoxide alarm (nursery, furnace area, bedrooms)
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