Eye Care & Protection

It is always important to keep your eyes protected from a variety of different mishaps that can happen in the workplace. You don't want to miss another horrible sequel do you? We can protect your eyes with products like our safety goggles, eye safe faucet washes, eye wash products, and more. Explore our collection of eye care and eye protection products so you miss the chance to see a good sequel at HomElectrical.
Protect your eyes from harm while working with safety goggles, including protective goggles, wraparound goggles, over-the-glass goggles, and more.
Protect yourself with faceshields and visors, including visors for safety helmets, unbound visors, clear faceshields, and more.
Protect your eyes while you work with safety glasses, including safety glasses, standard protective eyewear glasses, and contemporary safety glass as well as glasses equipped with anti-scratch or anti-fog coating.

Lens Cleaner

Keep your eye protection equipment clean, including glasses and safety goggles, with premoistened lens cleaning wipes, lens cleaning stations, replacement cover lenses, and more.
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Anchor Brand
Best Welds
Jackson Safety

What are the benefits of Eye Care and Protection?

Eye care and eye protection product, coming in a variety of sizes, are ideal for any building or construction project.

  • Goggles – these type of safety lenses have an elastic grip and are less likely to fall off your head.
  • Face Shields – protect not just your eyes but your entire face from any backlash or sparks during a construction project.
  • Safety Glasses Holder – can hold multiple pairs of glasses and keep your site a little more organized.
  • Eyewash Station – in emergencies these will help get rid of any contaminants in the eyes before there can be any damage.

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