While on the job there is bound to be a couple of spills that are uncontrollable. After swearing and mentally hitting ourselves over and over again we eventually realize that it needs to be cleaned up. Sorbents have the feel and appearance of sand or clay and are able to attract liquid, oils, and other chemicals so they can be absorbed. Our collection of sorbents includes oil based sweeping compounds, absorbent clay, and more. These cleaning tools can be used on a wide variety of surfaces so no matter where your spill takes place you will be able to take care of it quickly and efficiently. Discover our selection of sorbents to take care of your spills fast and easy at HomElectrical today!

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What is Sorbent used for?

Sorbents are a type of cleaning product that is able to absorb spills including:

  • Oil Based Sweeping Compound – is mainly used to keep dust down while you are sweeping and is designed for concrete surfaces.
  • Absorbent Clay – is very absorbent and can be used for multiple cleaning applications.

  • You want to dispose of the waste correctly.

How does a Sorbent work?

A sorbent can either use either absorption or adsorption.

  • Absorption - a spill is able to penetrate into the sorbent like a sponge.
  • Adsorption - draws in the spill but does not allow the liquid to penetrate it.

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