Retractable Lifeline & Carabiner

Protect your workers with a collection of retractable lifeline and carabiner products featuring a number of personal safety items to assist in dangerous situations or in recreational climbing. These tools are generally found in safety-critical systems which tells you how dependable they are already. Our lifelines come in many lengths and our carabiners are incredibly durable so they are able to hold up to 3600 pounds. To match up to the carabiners strength our selection of retractable lifelines are made from reliable materials including nylon. Discover our collection of retractable lifelines and carabiners for your application at HomElectrical.

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What is a Carabiner used for?

  • A retractable lifeline is a rope constructed from a piece of durable material used to pull someone up.
  • A carabiner is a metal loop with a spring-loaded gate that is used to quickly and reversibly connect components.
  • These products are frequently used in safety-critical systems.
  • Our carabiners can hold up to 3600lbs and our lifelines are made from durable materials like nylon.

What are the types of Carabiners?

Find a full selection of retractable lifeline and carabiner products from HomElectrical including:

  • Fixed Choker Anchorage Connectors – this tool is fastened around I-beams or something similar to create a compatible anchorage.
  • Web Tie Off Adaptor Slings - these are a very important component in any type of construction as they securely attach your fall protection systems.
  • Tool Lanyards – these are designed for those construction projects at high heights and will hold tools so they won’t fall.
  • Grabber Dual Clip – these clips are perfect for keeping your worksite a little more organized by keeping anything from your keys to towels ready for use.
  • Hook Length Adjuster Strap – rings join straps that can be adjusted based on the length.

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