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Did you ever come across a random object or ditch that was in the middle of the road and wished that someone had warned you before hand? Well now you can, our selection of safety signs are designed to warn others of objects, boundaries, and other hazardous possibilities. We carry an array of safety signs including: fire extinguisher signs, wet floor signs, danger signs, caution signs and more. These signs can also be used to warn your employees or customers of potential danger that is near the workplace. Our selection of safety signs are made from a variety of materials that are easy to use and are reliable for use including stainless steel and brass. Discover our collection of safety signs for the perfect sign for your application at HomElectrical.

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What are Safety Signs used for?

When maintaining a business, you want to make sure that all warnings are clear to everyone, whether they are customers or employees.

What are the different types of Safety Signs?

Our safety sign category ensures that you have the proper products to warn your occupants of everything from a wet floor to a biohazard. Some of the safety sign products that we carry include:

  • Flagging Tape - is commonly used by surveyors to mark certain areas to warn others.
  • Traffic Cones - are great for those big projects on the side of the road. These will help create a boundary between you and the oncoming traffic.
  • Caution Signs - are made from stainless steel and brass that are attached to a wooden panel.

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