Fire Extinguisher

Going out in flames is not always a good thing, so protect your home and business from fire with our high quality fire extinguisher selection. Our fire extinguishers come in a variety of sizes and with different extinguishing agents to meet any need. We also have a wide range of fire extinguisher holders that can be mounted on the wall or recessed. And, in those worst case scenarios, it is always good to go a step further in your preparations with a ladder. Explore the different type of fire extinguishers and holders to defend your place of work or home safe at HomElectrical.

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What are Fire Extinguishers used for?

  • A fire extinguisher is an active fire protection device that is used to put out small fires in homes or offices.
  • They are not intended for use on large fires such as those that reach the height of a ceiling.
  • Place your fire extinguisher in a cabinet that can be wall mounted or recess mounted.
  • Be prepared for the worst case scenario and have a fire escape ladder ready.
  • There are an array of fire extinguishers with different capacities, in different sizes, and with different extinguishing agents that are suitable for everything from chemical fires to kitchen fires.

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