3M N95 Particulate Non-Oil Cool Flow Respirator Mask

3M 8511
N95 Particulate Non-Oil Cool Flow Respirator Mask
NIOSH-Approved N95 3M Respirator Mask with NIOSH-APPROVED N95 3M™ COOL FLOW™ VALVE helps reduce heat build-up inside respirator ADVANCED FILTER MEDIA for easier breathing. The COOL FLOW Valve reduces heat build-up inside the face mask
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3M 8511 Description

3M N95 Particulate Cool Flow Respirator, Maintenance Free features:

  • Adjustable M-noseclip reduces eyewear fogging and helps ensure a better fit and seal
  • Patented filter media with advanced electrostatically charged microfibers help make breathing easier
  • Enhanced user comfort with cooler breathing filter
  • Two-strap design with single point attachment for a secure fit
  • Used for bagging, grinding, sanding, sweeping, and other dusty situations
  • Disposable respirator
  • 95% Efficiency to certain non-oil based particles
  • Protects half of face including mouth and nose with a half face piece


  • Assigned Protection Factor: 10
  • NIOSH Filter Approval Rating: N95
  • Gas and Vapor Protection type: Particulate
  • Ideal for Agricultural, Commercial Buildings, Construction, Design & Construction, Food Processing, Food Safety, General Manufacturing, Heavy Infrastructure, Industrial Maintenance, Mining, Oil & Gas, Transportation
  • Shelf Life: 5 Years
  • Cool Flow valve respirators ideal for long periods of wear, especially where conditions are hot, humid or physically demanding

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Innovative technology provides excellent product life and cut rates to increase productivity and throughput while lowering total abrasive costs. Specially formulated to be used on stainless and mild steel. This Cut-Off Wheel contains ceramic grain for fast cut and long life.

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