Protect your body from contaminants with coveralls that come in a wide range of sizes and levels of protection to meet the needs of any facility. There are a variety of coveralls that you can choose from based on your application including: zippered openings, hoods, and shoe coverings. Maintain your personal protection at all times and discover all that you need to fend off those dangers that can be found in your workplace at HomElectrical.

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What are Coveralls used for?

  • Coveralls can be used to provide full body protection against contaminants, debris, and fluids.
  • They are also known as boiler suits and are one piece garments with full length sleeves and jumpsuit-like legs.
  • Coveralls can also protect against blood borne pathogens and other contaminants.

When is PPE required?

Coveralls are appropriate for protective wear in:

  • Steel Mills
  • Coal Mines
  • Maintenance Work
  • Refineries
  • Laboratories

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