Inspection Mirror

Give yourself the upper hand with a 360 degree view in areas that you would otherwise be unable to view. These tools are great for viewing under cars, into tight spots, and for repairs that need to be done around corners. Some of the inspection mirrors at HomElectrical have lights on them to enhance the area being viewed. Find the one that's right for your application with HomElectrical.

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What are Magnetic or Heavy Duty Inspection Mirrors?

Featuring a magnetic base, these mirrors are able to create more visibility while still being able to use both of your hands.

What is a Telescopic Inspection Mirror?

This type of mirror is able to extend its length and change its view due to the swivel ball joint that it is linked to. This ball joint gives it the freedom to be rotated 360 degrees. Mechanics commonly use this when they are looking into the engine because of its ability to avoid obstructions.

When to use Inspection Mirrors?

The inspection mirror is a great tool to have in auto shops, at the workplace, and at home to assist in a multitude of difficult maintenance tasks.

What is an Inspection Mirror?

Inspection mirrors are small mirrors designed to give a better view or angle on hard-to-reach places. The mirrors not only give a 360 degree view, but they also help magnify the area. These tools are most commonly used to get a better view of a vehicle for mechanics and the authorities. Some of these tools also come with a light feature so that you can see into dark spaces.

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