Heating Cable & Pipe Insulation

Keep your facility's pipes safe from freezing and bursting during the cold months with a heating cable from HomElectrical. They insulate the pipes and maintain their temperature while also ensuring that the pipe will resist icing over. Explore a full selection of heating cable and pipe insulation products at HomElectrical.

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What is a Contact Tip?

This is one of the smallest pieces that is used in a gas welding system. You will also not need any tools to remove this piece of equipment when the time comes to replace it.

  • Creates great arc starts
  • Makes less spatter
  • Consistent welds
  • Great electrical conductivity and heat transfer

What is a Cable Connector?

This is the part of the cable that connects into a port to connect one device to another. It features a rubber jacket that will protect against

  • Moisture
  • Oil
  • Dirt

What is an Electrode Holder used for?

  • Also known as a stinger
  • Holds electrodes in place
  • A hollow insulated handle is where the Welding cable is inserted

What is a Ground Clamp?

A ground clamp is a type of safety device used by welders. This clamp will act as a conductor by having one of the work cables being attached to it usually through a nut or bolt that is already fastened on their head. The purpose of these is to prevent any type of electrical shock.

What is an Alumina Nozzle?

This tool is recommended for a majority of welding projects excluding those that take place in a confined space.

  • Made from high strength alumina
  • Great electrical insulation
  • Withstands splatter build up

What is a Self-Regulating Cable?

A self-regulating cable is a pipe guard that is able to react to changes in temperature. If there is a change in temperature they are able to produce the right amount of heat as a reaction. All you have to do to install it is cut an amount of cable from the reel, attach it to the pipe, electrical tape can be used for this part, and plug in the cable to a local outlet. It is recommended that you also use pipe insulation wrap to protect the pipe and the cable.

What is Pipe Insulation Wrap?

  • Keeps cold water pipes from sweating
  • Heat tape prevents pipes from freezing
  • Has a high tensile strength for easy installation
  • Features a vapor seal wrap

What is a Copper Gouging Carbon used for?

This is a type of electrode that is very resistant to breaking, giving it a long life. This is an electrode that is coated in copper which can enhance its conductivity and provide a cooler operation. These also have a fine edge, are heat resistant, and resistant to oxidation.

When to use Heating Cables and Pipe Insulation?

If a pipe bursts, the damage can be detrimental to a home or workplace because the pipe insulation helps retain heat and save energy. Save that worry by protecting the pipes in advance with the heating cable. The heating cable can produce the heat that the pipes need in order to resist freezing while the pipe insulation can be used to retain that heat and prevent bursting. HomElectrical has a large variety of heating cables and pipe insulation that can protect your home or office today.

What is a Heating Cable?

Heating cables and pipe insulation have many uses but are mainly used to prevent pipes from freezing or rupturing in cold temperatures. Heating cables can also be used to unfreeze gutters and downspouts.

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