Garden Tools

Keep the green growing in your garden and landscape with gardening tools from HomElectrical can assist you with your yard maintenance. Our selection of tools includes: garden hoes, shovels, gardening picks, chemical sprayers and more. Everything that you would need to keep your grass, flowers, and vegetation growing you are sure to find here. Explore our collection of garden tools for your landscape that can be used for both maintenance and expansion at HomElectrical.
Keep pests and weeds under control when you use a chemical sprayer or industrial sprayer to disperse pesticide or herbicide.
Shop HomElectrical’s collection of garden tools for the right garden spray nozzle to disperse water to plants.
Break apart tough ground like clay, dirt, or rocky material with a garden pick from HomElectrical’s supply of garden tools.

Miscellaneous Garden Tool

Shop for miscellaneous garden tools from HomElectrical to find the missing tool you might need for your agricultural applications.

Water Hose

Keep the garden and yard lush with a water hose available in different lengths and materials to suit your needs.


Move and handle agricultural materials with the right rake for the job whether landscaping or gardening.


Shop HomElectrical’s garden tool collection to find the right shovel for your next construction, gardening, or landscaping project.

What’s a Wheelbarrow used for?

A manually driven farming tool that is able to carry heavy loads from one spot to another with relative ease.

What is a Garden Spray Nozzle?

These nozzles deliver water but the spray pattern of the water will vary depending on what type of nozzle you have.

What is a Garden Hoe used for?

This tool has been around for a long time and is still used today to help shape the soil of a desired crop field.

What are Shovels used for?

Generally used for digging or moving materials that are in bulk including soil, coal, sand, and more.

What is a Rake used for?

Was primarily designed to gather up material such as hay, leaves, and grass.

What is a Watering Hose?

Hoses come in a variety of lengths and sizes depending on your application. They will help you keep your plants healthy and let them grow.

What is a Gardening Pick?

This tool is used when you have to break through a tough surface so that you are able to use the land the way that you want to.

What’s a Chemical Sprayer used for?

In landscaping and agriculture a sprayer is used to employ herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. But this can also be used to spray any kind of liquid.

What is a Garden Tool?

A garden tool can be any tool used in the aid of gardening, landscaping or any type of outdoor work. HomElectrical has a wide selection of gardening tools to meet all your landscaping needs. Landscaping can be made simple through our wide variety of tools.

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