Garden Pick

Find the gardening pick that meets your specific landscaping needs with HomElectrical. Use this tool for breaking up hard to manage surfaces, including rocky grounds or clay dirt, and make the land more controllable. Our selection of garden picks gives you a wide variety to choose from, including: long hooks, mattocks, rock picks, and more. So, no matter what is in your way, big or small, you will be able to get through it. Discover our collection of garden picks to help maintain or expand your garden at HomElectrical.

What is a Rock Pick Handle?

  • Has a long handle giving you greater range and easier use
  • Features a shock reduction grip
  • Can be used as a hammer or pick
  • Made from American steel

What is a Pick/Mattock?

  • Hickory handle guard
  • Made from forged steel
  • Great for digging and breaking into hard ground

What is a Long Hook and Pick Set?

  • 4-6 piece sets are available.
  • Grip styles include: screwdriver grips, cushion textured grips, and diamond knurled handles.
  • Helps separate wires, remove small fuses, retrieve washers, and more.
  • Made from carbon steel.

What is a Gardening Pick used for?

This tool is usually used for getting through tough surfaces that are present in your garden. The curve shape the tool allows it to be used as a lever as well.

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