Garden Spray Nozzle

Maintain your plants and landscapes with a garden spray nozzle from HomElectrical. Simply attach the nozzle to a watering hose and choose the spray power setting that matches your personal preference. Our collection of garden spray nozzles includes: fireman nozzles, pistol grip nozzle, spray selection nozzles, and more that can be used for residential and commercial applications. From maintaining your landscape or garden to soaking an employee just cause you are sure to find the ideal spray nozzle for your application. Discover our collection of garden spray nozzles that are ideal for a wide variety of application from landscaping to gardening at HomElectrical.

What is a Brass Cone Pattern Nozzle?

As the name suggests this is a nozzle made from brass and is a 2 piece nozzle that is able to change it spray pattern from a straight stream to a funnel/cone pattern. Browse through HomElectrical’s selection today.

What is a Twist Nozzle used for?

This type of nozzle is able to release water by just twisting it. Twisting it will both release and stop water from flowing depending on your needs.

What is a Spray Selection Nozzle?

This type of nozzle is going to have 4 different types of modes to choose from. This is a versatile tool and is perfect for those who have to wash the dog and then water the greenery.

What are Fireman Nozzles used for?

  • It was designed to distribute a large amount of water over a large area.
  • It is perfect for those who have trouble with a pistol grip.

What is a Pistol Grip Nozzle?

  • Just as it says this nozzle has a pistol lever system.
  • The amount of pressure put on the lever will determine the strength of the spray.
  • These also can come with insulated grips for greater control.

What’s a Garden Spray Nozzle?

Garden spray nozzles are great for landscaping and watering plants because of their precision at dispersing liquid into spray. The spray nozzles can distribute water evenly, increase liquid surface area, and increase or decrease the pressure intensity of the liquid when attached to a hose. This tool can be an important instrument when it comes to watering gardens or large lawns.

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