Chemical Sprayer & Industrial Sprayer

Keep those pests away from your garden with the help of a chemical sprayer from HomElectrical. We have sprayers to meet every need from janitorial cleaning applications to pesticide and landscaping applications. No matter the surface area or amount of product you are looking to apply, we have many varieties of holding tanks and sprayer nozzles to ensure an even and quick application.

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What’s a Degreaser/Cleaner Sprayer?

This type of sprayer is ideal for those in janitorial and sanitation services. It will also provide maximum chemical resistance.

What’s a Premier Sprayer?

This is the perfect tool for spraying away debris and using chemicals with ease.

What’s a Concrete Sprayer?

Used for professional construction jobs and is used for:

  • Concrete Sealers
  • Curing Compound
  • Dyes
  • Form Oils

What’s a Foaming Sprayer?

  • Able to turn liquids into foams
  • Vertical surfaces allow for a longer chemical contact
  • Perfect for shower walls, cars, carpets, and coils

What are Backpack Sprayers?

Just as the name states, it is a chemical sprayer that is carried around like a backpack.

  • Allows you to easily carry more chemical
  • Commonly used for weeding

This sprayer also comes in electric or pump, both with their own benefits.

  • Pumps are going to cost less and with the hand pump located on the side is easy to operate
  • Electric has a rechargeable battery that can last up 2-3 hours automatically pressurizing the chemical without the pump

What's a Hand Pump Sprayer?

These are simple and effective tools for any DIY gardener or landscaper.

  • Can handle 1-5 gallons
  • Comes with a pump, nozzle or wand, and tank
  • Lightweight and easy to carry

The nozzle is able to spray in different patterns. There are different spray patterns that are going to be more beneficial for you depending on your application.

Here are a few tips on how you can get the most out of your hand pump:

  • Clean the sprayer after every use
  • Clean water should be rinsed throughout the tank and nozzle (Do at least twice)

If you plan on using another chemical product from the one that you have previously been using then you need to clean the sprayer even more to prevent any contamination or mixing of chemical residues.

What are Chemical & Industrial Sprayers?

Chemical sprayers can help with many different application tasks such as spraying fertilizers and pesticides across long distances.

  • The sprayers keep hands safe from any harmful chemicals and also cover a large space quickly and efficiently.
  • Chemical sprayers speed up the application time of the fertilizer in any gardening project.
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