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Clean, degrease, lubricate, or repair all of your electrical supplies and industrial machinery with MRO products from HomElectrical. Discover a variety of products to meet your maintenance, repair and operational needs, shop today.
Shop HomElectrical’s adhesives, sealants, and corrosion inhibitors to ensure tight seals for either non-permanent or permanent bonding.
When moving parts seize up, up lubricant and greaser to get parts moving again or bust rust.
Clean or degrease appliances with electrical cleaner suitable for a variety of applications.


Remove tough grease and oil stains with degreaser, capable for stains on indoor and outdoor surfaces.
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What is Lubricant and Greaser used for?

Loosens up an metal fasteners that have been rusted, corroded, or even frozen so that they can be properly treated or replaced.

What is an Electrical Cleaner?

Electrical cleaners are used to clean electrical appliances and prevent them from gathering too much foreign residue.

What is a Degreaser used for?

A degreaser is used to get rid of certain tough stains that are usually found in a mechanical environment or garage like oil or tar.

What are Corrosion Inhibitors used for?

Just like the name suggests, corrosion inhibitors are used to prevent corrosion occurring in any mechanical appliances.

What are Adhesives used for?

Adhesives are used when you are in need of a secure connection between two objects. Instant adhesives are probably the most well known for their ability to quickly make attachments.

What are Sealants used for?

Sealants are mainly used to prevent any leaks occuring from a pipe. These are most commonly used by plumbers.

What are MRO Products?

MRO stands for maintenance repair operations. HomElectrical offers a variety of MRO products for cleaning, degreaser, lubricant, or repairing your electrical supplies.

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