Step Stool & Ladder

Discover the right step stool or ladder from HomElectrical's collection. These tools can be used in a variety of applications including: changing a light bulb, changing the batteries in a smoke detector, screwing in a ceiling appliance, and much more. Our large selection features different sized ladders and step stools that can help make any job that requires working in high places safer and easier. Venture through our collection for the ideal step stool or ladder for your application at HomElectrical.

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What’s a Platform Ladder used for?

This is a front step ladder that has a platform as the top step. A railguard that is about 2 feet higher than the platform is used for safety in case the user is afraid of falling or feels unbalanced.

  • Provides a better comfort level
  • Let’s you use two hands
  • Allows you to rotate in the direction that you need

What is an Extension Ladder used for?

Extension ladders have a moveable piece, also known as the fly, enabling you to reach higher heights.

  • Also known as a straight ladder
  • Is able to reach high places
  • Must be leaned against a support for use

What is a Step Ladder used for?

This type of ladder is the most commonly used because of its ability to support itself without having to lean on anything. There are two different types of step ladder:

Front Step Ladder - where one side of the ladder was made to support the ladder and not be climbed on.

Twin Step Ladder - where both sides of the ladder can be used and stepped on.

What is a Step Stool?

A step stool is a small version of a ladder, typically one to three feet tall, used to help people reach heights that aren't quite as high as needed with a typical ladder. They are compact and easily stored for further convenience and can come in multiple materials from durable plastic to steel.

What are Ladders used for?

A ladder is an inclined or vertical set of rungs or steps used to assist people in reaching very high places. Ladders are typically made of durable steel, metal, wood, or plastic and can range from three to forty feet in length.

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