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Make sure that your cutting line doesn't disappear when you are welding. Marking tools mark areas that require precision making them effective for metal layout and fabrication work. HomElectrical has a variety of marking tools that come in a large range of colors. Many markers are resistant to smearing, heat, and can be applied to rough surfaces, making them great for industrial settings. We also offer a variety of stamps and stencils that can aid you in the labeling process.

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What is a Metal Chalk Box?

Metal chalk boxes have a long wearing felt gasket that hugs the line and distributes a uniform chalk coating to any surface.

  • Can be used as a plumb bob
  • Heavy duty die cast body for long life

How is Soapstone used in welding?

Another popular marking tool for welders, aside from a silver pencil, is Soapstone which has a low electrical conductivity and is heat resistant. This makes it perfect for welding as the mark won’t disappear when there is too much heat being dispersed.

  • Used for a variety of construction and welding applications
  • Commonly used in sports

What are some Marking Tools of a welder?

One of the tools that a welder will use is a silver pencil.

  • Works on all metals
  • Marks are illuminated when cutting or welding
  • Doesn’t burn or rub off
  • Can be sharpened by a pencil sharpener

What are Metal Tapewriters?

These tools have a built-in hole inching device that enables you to create holes for tacking or hanging.

What is Railroad Chalk used for?

This type of chalk temporarily marks almost any surface including:

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Concrete
  • Cardboard
  • Rubber
  • Plastic and more

While the mark may be temporary it will leave a mark that is clearly visible and easy to see.

What is Lumber Crayon?

Extruded lumber crayons are going to last 10 times longer than others and are:

  • Water proof
  • Fade proof
  • Smear proof

Lumber crayons will also not melt in the sun when left in the light too long.

What are Chalk Hog Reels?

These reels are a faster way of applying chalk onto a surface. They are going to have all the same features and performance ability as a standard chalk line.

What is Temperature Indicating Liquid used for?

This liquid allows you to confirm the temperature on a variety of surfaces. These liquids have 44 different temperature ratings available and are non-flammable.

What is a Paint Marker?

These markers can be attributed to any environment including stainless steel fabrication and nuclear power industries. The caps are also really easy to take off regardless of whether you have greasy hands or gloves. Paint markers are more resistant to UV light and common solvents. They will also dry quickly and can be used on any rough surface.

What are Metal Letter Stamps used for?

Each stamp in these sets contains a letter that allows you to stamp on:

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Paper

It will also make a stamp on any other soft materials.

What is a Marking Tool?

Marking tools are used simply to mark desired cut marks on any material. HomElectrical has marking tools for every surface including: wood, metal, plastic, paper, and rigid or uneven surfaces. Our marking tools also feature refills for a variety of the marking instruments.

These tools are great for labeling and stencil applications. They can also be resistant to smearing, heat, and weather. Marking tools come in a variety of colors and sizes to ensure that they will provide the perfect mark for the task at hand.

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