Measure Tool & Layout Tool

Know the lengths and widths of your next project. A measuring and layout tool are both used for finding dimensions and measurements. HomElectrical has a variety of these products for every measuring application whether it be large or small. Browse through our measure and layout tool subcategories to find calipers, aligners, radius markers and more all for a competitive price.
Ensure level construction with square level and levels from HomElectrical’s selection of measuring tools and layout tools.
For tasks requiring specific equipment, shop for a specialty measuring tool from HomElectrical to proper gauge the metrics of your next project.
Draw, measure, or check levels with rulers and straight-edges from HomElectrical’s measuring tool selection.

Compressed Gas Gauge, Vacuum Gauge & Fuel Gauge

Measure liquid, gas, or pressure containers with HomElectrical’s measuring tools including compressed gas gauges, vacuum gauges and fuel gauges.


Measure the temperature in personal and industrial applications with a variety of thermometers, including infrared no contact thermometers, magnetic digital pocket thermometers, dual IR/Probe thermometers, and more.

Test Clips & Probes - Alligator Clips

Shop HomElectrical to find quality alligator clips, test leads, circuit testers, replacement leads, replacement tips, and ground clamps.


The more accurate you are the less likely you will need to repeat a process

Contour Marker & Radius Marker

Create circles or indicators on curved materials with contour markers and radius markers from HomElectrical’s measuring and layout tool selection.

Flange Aligner

For pipe welding applications joining two pipes together, use a flange aligner to secure your project as you work.

Plumb Bob

Ensure precise measurements during vertical applications with a plumb bob ideal for construction or plumbing projects.

Measuring Wheel

Measure out long distances with measuring wheels with models capable of working in either indoor or outdoor environments.

Protractor & Compass

Shop HomElectrical’s supply of measuring tools for protractors and compasses to draw or measure angles within technical documents.


When marking up drafts or blueprints, use trammels with your beam compass to assist you in scribing circles or radii.


Use highly-accurate calipers to measure the right length or distance of internal and external dimensions within materials.

Tape Measure & Reel Engineer Tape Measure

Accurately measure out lengths of material with tape measure or reel engineer tape measure available in different styles and lengths.
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Empire Level

What Kind of Measuring Tool Do I Need?

  1. Specialty Measuring Tool – measures the physical quantity of something. These tools include: measuring tape, ranging multimeters, receptacle testers, and more.
  2. Square Level & Levels – these tools are generally used to make sure that an object is flush. It is perfect for hanging frames, shelves, and more. We carry a wide range of these from a carpenter’s level to a laser level.

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