Ruler & Straight-Edge

Rulers and straight-edges are advantageous measuring and layout tools in the construction industry. These tools can be used for drawing straight lines, measuring an object's length, and checking if something is level. Discover the right ruler or straight-edge for your application with HomElectrical's array of lengths and features!

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What is a Straight-Edge used for?

A straight-edge can be used to draw out a straight line or to ensure that a surface is flat.

  • Has an edge free from curves and is most effective at transcribing lines as well as determining their straightness.
  • The straight-edge is going to have three bubble vials framed in it to help make sure that your object is level.
  • Has a coated frame for more durability.

What is a Ruler used for?

A ruler on the other hand can be used to draw a straight line, check for flatness, and measure length.

  • Typically measures in inches and centimeters to give a more accurate measurement.
  • Wrap around rulers can be rolled up for easy storage. These rulers can be fitted to a length and width based on your needs.
  • Two way flat end rulers will allow you to fold them up for easy storage and has measurements marked on both sides of the ruler.

Rulers and straight-edges can be made from a variety of materials including: metal, wood, and plastic.

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