Flange Aligner

Jump into light speed and make the fit-up time for your project quick with a pipe flange aligner from HomElectrical. Pipe flange aligners are great tools to have around the welding workplace. They can be used to ensure that the welding job will come out exactly how you wanted by holding the pipes in place during the welding process. The pipes that are held in place by the flange aligners will not move during the application and the welding job will be more accurate with cleaner edges.

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What are Flange Aligners used for?

A pipe flange aligner is typically used for when you are wanting to weld two different pieces of pipe together. The welder uses the pipe flange aligner tool to set them into place before the welding process begins. After setting the flange in between the two pipes, the aligner is used to pin the two flange holes together in a tight and snug fit.

Some benefits of a pipe flange aligner include:

  • The compact fit ensures that the welding process will be accurate.
  • Threaded pipe flange aligners are going to have a fast release double lead threads.
  • Can come with a 360 degree vial to make leveling the pipes easier for you.
  • Saves you fit-up time by eliminating the irritation of adjusting a level.

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