Measure the external and internal attributes of your project with a caliper from HomElectrical. Calipers measure the distance, width, or length of an object. They can measure in inches or centimeters, and sometimes they have both.

The key to getting an accurate measurement with the caliper tool is to properly apply the caliper top to the right position on the object that you are trying to measure. Find the right measuring tool for your application at HomElectrical today!

Learn more about Calipers!

What is a Caliper used for?

A Caliper is a device used to measure the distance between objects. It can be used for measuring both internal and external dimensions. The tips of the caliper are adjusted to fit across the points being measured, once the tips are in place, the caliper is removed so the distance can be read.

What are different Calipers?

  • Internal calipers will have their tips facing outward.
  • External calipers will have their tips facing inward.
  • Digital calipers will give you the precise measurement.
  • A manual caliper has a reading that has to be measured and read by the user.
  • Dial calipers use a color coded dial that measures in inches and millimeters.
  • Pocket calipers are quick and easy to use but they don’t have a long length for wider objects.

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