Contour Marker & Radius Marker

Have you ever gotten the wrong size pipe or piece of wood? Radius markers and contour markers are great tools that can help you with creating different sized circles or lines around pipes and other objects. Markers can also create a variety of different shapes to meet your needs. These tools can be folded up and stored in their retracted form for easy storage. HomElectrical has a wide selection of radius and contour markers to choose from.

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What is a wooden Contour Marker?

Contour marker features:

  • Contour markers are equipped with an x-shape frame and calibrated protractor.
  • The contour marker frame folds easily to a compact size.
  • A triple joint marking arm and holder enables the contour marker to form laterals at any angle.

How to measure a radius?

Radius marker features:

  • The radius marker can be used for laying out small circles or large ones.
  • The arms are aligned precisely with spring tension joints to guarantee accuracy during use.
  • The holder accommodates either round soapstone or pencils that can mark the area.
  • Radius markers can also be folded up into a more compact size for transportation and storage.

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